Paul's 40% Time

Tuesday spent mainly outside

June 21, 2018

Things I did today bought some ingredients so the girl can make a cake went to B&Q to buy some nice new wood drillbits. They're the auger type. I like. finished the compost heap container conversion from the boy's old bed frame. This took all…

Fairly lazy Monday

June 11, 2018

Things I did today build SuperCollider v3 from source, because there's no APK of it for my old Ubuntu 14.04 set -up got going with some intro tutorials for Tidal Cycles, in preparation for going along to a Tidal meet-up at London Music Hackspace…

Busy Tuesday

June 05, 2018

Back to Paul-40%-form, got a shitton of stuff done today. went for a run fitted some new mains power sockets in the kitchen with integral USB ports cleaned the bloomin' fish tank again. (Fishies looked happier although) adapted / fixed an…

Travelling down from the Peak District

June 04, 2018

Photos from the area around Bakewell / Chatsworth to follow. Lovely weather and a striking landscape. Some nice country pubs too! Back to London in a tedious but essentially clear run down the M1. Saxophone quartet practice in the evening. First…

Work outing to Bletchley Park

May 29, 2018

Nice day trip up to Bletchley with Martin and David. There we met up with the Google Security & Privacy team based in Zurich (about a hundred of them!) and enjoyed touring the National Museum of Computing on the edge of the Bletchley estate, followed…

Bank Holiday Monday during half-term

May 28, 2018

School half term We were in Norfolk. Went for a nice walk with rachel in the sunshine along the banks of the river Nar, through meadows and woods to the ford in the road leading into West Acre. Then we came home again, because the pub there (The…

Crafting a new synth patch

May 22, 2018

Things I did with my 40% time today watched a tutorial by Quincas (' SynthDIYGuy ' on Youtube) showing how to craft a classic Moog-esque patch on the Erica Synths DIY kits tried to reproduce this on my Befaco rig. I didn't really get the same…

Noises You Can Make With A VCF

May 21, 2018

Things I did with my 40% time today Crafted a pretty silly patch on the Befaco Rig. It's dominated by filter resonance and feedback through the reverb unit, with movement contributed by the Rampage ramp generator. The actual notes driving it can't…


May 15, 2018

Things I did with my 40% time today took girl to school had a coffee at Blackbird bakery in CP walked in the CP park to see the dinosaurs bought some PTFE plumbers tape for dripping sink fixed the dripping sink did not update this blog :( built my…


May 14, 2018

TODO 40% time today


May 08, 2018

TODO 40% time today


May 07, 2018

TODO 40% time today long run around Crystal Palace (7.5km is long for me)


May 01, 2018

TODO 40% time today helped Miranda make her out-of-balance wobbling Roman Gladiator


April 30, 2018

TODO 40% time today Built the Befaco Crush Delay (pic) sax quartet practice


April 26, 2018

Unexpected 40% time today Miranda is sick with sore throat, etc., so I unexpectedly have another day at home. Next week will be a 4-day working week to make up for this day off. Things I did with my 40% time today realised I'll soon forget all the…


April 24, 2018

Things I did with my 40% time today fixed the Befaco VC ADSR the embarrassing cause of it's not-workingness was that (again) I'd forgotten to solder some of the front panel connectors :-/ now the trigger button correctly launches the full Attack…


April 23, 2018

Things I did with my 40% time today went for a 6km run with Rachel finished building my Befaco MIDI thing module for the mid-life-crisis project this one wasn't very hard and seemed to work first time. getting my head round setting the modes is a…


April 17, 2018

Things I did with my 40% time today 30 mins yoga routine using an Android app I just discovered; followed by some headspace finished building the Befaco Even VCO walked 3.5miles to Croydon city centre and back, in quite warm sunny weather…


April 16, 2018

Things I did with my 40% time today This was the last day of our Easter break, and Oscar was still on holiday due to an Inset day at school (Miranda was back at school, which left her feeling miffed) Top-notch burger lunch outdoors in the Crystal…