Paul's 40% Time


Things I did with my 40% time today

  • 30 mins yoga routine using an Android app I just discovered; followed by some headspace
  • finished building the Befaco Even VCO Befaco Even VCO
  • walked 3.5miles to Croydon city centre and back, in quite warm sunny weather
  • visited Jonathan Myall's music shop. This is a lovely olde-world fronted shop with a focus on woodwind, but a good music selection for all instruments upstairs.

  • had a quick pint in a better-than-average Wetherspoons
  • back at home, did some sax practice. I'm working a selection of minor scale patterns I discovered on the 'Sax Duets' YouTube channel. Turns out the Legere reed is a bit harder than I'm used to, but I can work upto it.

Things I didn't get round to doing

  • everything else