Paul's 40% Time


Things I did with my 40% time today

  • went for a 6km run with Rachel
  • finished building my Befaco MIDI thing module for the mid-life-crisis project

    • this one wasn't very hard and seemed to work first time.
    • getting my head round setting the modes is a different matter though! Befaco MIDI Thing
  • built the Befaco VC ADSR which I reckon I'll be getting a lot of use from

    • tested it, and just can't make it work! Only the attack LED lights, and the trigger button doesn't seem to do anything. Ran out of time to investigate when I had to get Miranda from school
  • belated wrote up the brew session of April 15th in my brewing log

    • the BIPA is within a couple of points of terminal gravity so started the cool from 21 degC down to 14 degC
    • plan to keg it this Sunday 29th. ASCIDDBIPA