Paul's 40% Time


Things I did with my 40% time today

  • fixed the Befaco VC ADSR

    • the embarrassing cause of it's not-workingness was that (again) I'd forgotten to solder some of the front panel connectors :-/
    • now the trigger button correctly launches the full Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release cycle Befaco VC ADSR
  • had the realisation that a VCO and this ADSR is not enough to shape sound - the ADSR is generating an envelope control signal that something else must apply to the audio path. That something is a VCA. So there's another item for the shopping list.
  • worked on a sax quartet arrangement of 'A Walk to Strumble Head' by Gareth Balch

    • this is a lovely piano piece set by Trinity College London for Grade 5, which Oscar is now working on (here's a piano rendition of it. In my opinion it's a bit fast.)
    • made a scratch recording of my arrangement. I've not played alto or soprano sax for ages and am struggling a bit with tuning. Maybe I'll put it on Soundcloud anyway...
    • one day we'll go back to Wales and maybe try the walk!
  • mended the rear-wheel puncture on Oscar's bike, an easy one this time

Things I didn't get round to doing today

  • giving the fishies a water change. Getting urgent now!
  • doing any yoga/headspace :(
  • getting the accounts up-to-date. Dull but important.