Paul's 40% Time


Things I did with my 40% time today

  • took girl to school
  • had a coffee at Blackbird bakery in CP
  • walked in the CP park to see the dinosaurs
  • bought some PTFE plumbers tape for dripping sink
  • fixed the dripping sink
  • did not update this blog :(
  • built my Befaco HexVCA. Big job, very dense, a lot of pots - hard to get the front panel in place
  • made some more Kimchi!
  • sewed a button onto my black jacket
  • tried using the plumbers tape to fix a potential leak in the gas-in post of the keg I have kombucha in; sadly the leak is not removed so I conclude the main keg opening leaks
  • found some wire for the boy to make an electromagnet with
  • did some stuff at Charles Schwab (gotta pay for this synth somehow)

TODO: make this more interesting.