Paul's 40% Time

Noises You Can Make With A VCF

Things I did with my 40% time today

  • Crafted a pretty silly patch on the Befaco Rig. It's dominated by filter resonance and feedback through the reverb unit, with movement contributed by the Rampage ramp generator. The actual notes driving it can't be heard at all! I uploaded it to Soundcloud ... keep the volume down though, the feedback gets a bit out of control at times...
  • Started learning how to use Tidal Cycles. I discovered this via the London Music Hackspace events calendar, which shows a meetup they're running on 9th June). Happily my old Edirol UM-1SX USB midi interface is recognised by Ubuntu 14.04 so I can do this on Linux instead of my Mac.
  • Tried to find an office under-desk set of drawers at IKEA but nothing seemd to fit the bill. So bought a hammock stand instead and set it up in the garden with the boy, who seems highly delighted by it. His hammock fits perfectly, but my old Mexican one is unfortunately too big. Later on there was a sudden thunderstorm so we brought the stand indoors - it's now situated at the back of the living room :)

hammock in garden