Paul's 40% Time

Crafting a new synth patch

Things I did with my 40% time today

  • watched a tutorial by Quincas ('SynthDIYGuy' on Youtube) showing how to craft a classic Moog-esque patch on the Erica Synths DIY kits
  • tried to reproduce this on my Befaco rig. I didn't really get the same sound, as I'm not quite finding how to modulate the filter in the same way. But what I did get seems interesting!

moogy bass patch

  • made beer bread using a Barretsridge mix my sister gave me at Christmas. It says 'add a 330ml beer of your choice', so I chose the last bottle of a homebrewed bitter I made last October called 'Pride of CP'. As I poured it, it was apparent that this was not an English bitter but a mislabelled bottle of Rich Locks' 'Imperial Brown Stout', a considerably darker, stronger and more barrel-aged beer made in 2015. This bread will be interesting...



  • broke down the boy's old bed. We're going to reuse the timber in a new compost frame in the garden, so need individual pieces that can be repurposed.

  • transferred the latest 5 litres of kombucha into my kombucha keg. The keg is an old cornie that I got a few years ago. It's been leaking CO2 for a while now, which is super annoying. I've tried PTFE tape on the in/out connectors, and am now trying food-grade lube on the main O-ring. We'll see.

  • went for a run, conveniently with the Douglas Fir at the half-way point. It's a really cosy little boozer in Anerley run by the Gipsy Hill Brewing company (although I had a pint of Pint - top notch!)