Paul's 40% Time

Busy Tuesday

Back to Paul-40%-form, got a shitton of stuff done today.

  • went for a run
  • fitted some new mains power sockets in the kitchen with integral USB ports
  • cleaned the bloomin' fish tank again. (Fishies looked happier although)
  • adapted / fixed an arrangement of Bjork's "The Anchor Song" that I found on Musescore. It had problems in the middle of the piece where voice around saxophones play together. I'm hoping I'll do this in The Crooks, but unless a sax covers it, someone's going to have to sing! It'll end up being me.
  • bits of shopping
  • some jazz piano practice
  • cleared up an accounting mystery surrounding the receipt of Childcare Vouchers by the girl's School
  • chilled a bit in the sunny afternoon listening to BBCR4
  • had a pint at the White Hart.

Now, that's more like it :)