Paul's 40% Time

Fairly lazy Monday

  • Things I did today

    • build SuperCollider v3 from source, because there's no APK of it for my old Ubuntu 14.04 set -up
    • got going with some intro tutorials for Tidal Cycles, in preparation for going along to a Tidal meet-up at London Music Hackspace tomorrow night
    • more explorations with my Befaco modular:

      • tried setting up the Rampage module as a slew limiter (i.e. to apply pitch portamento) - easy enough!
      • investigated the VCO wave forms on my oscilloscope
      • made a simple "wub-wub" patch where Rampage modulates VCF cut-off; examined on oscilloscpe
    • had lunch at Brown and Green with Rachel
    • started work on the new compost heap container, which I'm adapting from Oscar's old bed frame. Decided it should be close to square in plan, and measured out the longer sides. Cut sides to length and re-drilled end holes so the frame will still bolt together. Realised I'm short of some drill bits in the 9-12mm dia range.
    • picked up the girl from school
    • did piano with the boy
    • went to sax quartet practice.