Here follows an old diary I kept.

Recent brewday: 'Locked Down and Bitter ESB'


My friend Tom and I were recently bemoaning the fact pubs are still shut for this third, interminable lock-down, and that despite the fact a lot of really good canned beer is available, we would actually quite like a decent pint of British ale.

My notes from Real World Crypto 2021


I eventually got round to tidying up my notes from this year’s RWC Symposium.

Tuesday spent mainly outside


Things I did today bought some ingredients so the girl can make a cake went to B&Q to buy some nice new wood drillbits.

Fairly lazy Monday


Things I did today build SuperCollider v3 from source, because there’s no APK of it for my old Ubuntu 14.

Busy Tuesday


Back to Paul-40%-form, got a shitton of stuff done today.

Travelling down from the Peak District


Photos from the area around Bakewell / Chatsworth to follow.

Work outing to Bletchley Park


Nice day trip up to Bletchley with Martin and David.

Bank Holiday Monday during half-term


School half term We were in Norfolk.

Crafting a new synth patch


Things I did with my 40% time today watched a tutorialby Quincas ('SynthDIYGuy' on Youtube) showing how to craft a classic Moog-esque patch on the Erica Synths DIY kits tried to reproduce this on my Befaco rig.

Noises You Can Make With A VCF


Things I did with my 40% time today Crafted a pretty silly patch on the Befaco Rig.